How's that hockey team going for you Glendale, Arizona? You're nearing bankruptcy you say?

The saga of the former Winnipeg Jets that might have been the newest Hamilton NHL team is getting interesting again.

The Arizona Republic reports on the fighting between Glendale (home of the Phoenix Coyotes’ arena) and the NHL.

Glendale promised $50 million to the NHL to keep the team in the middle of the desert and the NHL is looking to collect.

One slight problem: Glendale doesn’t have the second instalment of $25 million. It’s $5 million short after draining city reserves. The drain of the reserves brought a drop in the city’s bond rating – further increasing fiscal difficulties for the city.

The city is facing a $30 million deficit and is looking at drastic measures.

They are begging the NHL to renegotiate the payment agreement and the rhetoric is becoming heated with the mayor accusing the NHL of holding the city “hostage”.

NHL in Hamilton?

Will the NHL find someone to use Hamilton as leverage against Glendale? We’ll see. Let the speculation begin.. again.