HWDSB Board Meeting: New Name for George R Allan and New Ward Boundaries for Westdale, Dundas, Flamborough

NOTE: Livestream of this meeting on my Livestream.com account here. (YouTube livestreaming is not presently working)

Trustees will vote on a few proposed name for the current George R Allan elementary school and consider a motion from Flamborough Trustee Karen Turkstra to reconsider Ward Boundaries.

Trustees are considering a proposal to rename George R Allan to Cootes Paradise Elementary School to reflect the “new” identity with the closure of Prince Phillip School this spring and the merger of its students onto the existing George R Allan site.

Trustee Turkstra is proposing to change the current standalone Dundas Ward 13 to a joint Ward 13 & 14 Ward with Waterdown’s Ward 15 having a standalone trustee.