HWDSB to vote on Central Mountain School Closures [Live Monday 6pm]

What will be the future of Hamilton’s Central Mountain elementary schools?

With Trustees fully into election season, the normal ARC process is out the windows with Trustees voting for school changes that will require the new City Council to provide funding to build new joint school and community centres.

Anything can happen.

Officially, Trustees are considering three recommendations for school closures – two from the ARC process, and one from HWDSB staff.

Under review are: Cardinal Heights, Eastmount Park, Franklin Road, George L. Armstrong, Linden Park, Pauline Johnston, Queensdale, and Ridgemount.

The proposals could see up to three schools close. The only school that doesn’t face closure – and the one which mobilized the most during the closure process – is Queensdale.

The meeting starts at 6pm Monday with live video courtesy of the HWDSB.