I Got Fan Mail!

My column in the Silhouette usually generates a lot of conversation.  A few weeks ago, I wrote my first column.  It was about the pillars of democracy.  In it, I mentioned the poor coverage of The Other Press at Douglas College in covering the DSU scandal by not covering it.  I am not the only one to have done so.  I commented on the good job that The Peak as being doing covering the story.  For their trouble, **The Peak is being sued.  Global News also covered the story and is being sued as well.  I have the Global News reports embedded at the end of this post.

Regarding this wildly inaccurate article, I just thought I’d pass along a ‘pillar’ of journalism that perhaps you could mention to this dude. i.e. Do research before you write your articles. Contrary to your statements, The Other Press is not in any way controlled by our Student Union. We have heavily covered the DSU developments (about 15 articles and counting) although several major articles were removed from our website at the advise of the CUP lawyer when the Peak (the best paper in Canada? Are the fumes strong in your office?) wrote their wildly inflammatory article on the subject (which Coleman so strongly praises) and which, I might mention, has resulted in a lawsuit accusing them of slander.

Coleman…your writing sucks more ass than a lyposuction hose. Go apply for a job at the Peak.


Trev Hargreaves
Ed. In Chief
Das Other Press.

I wish to focus on Mr. Hargreaves’ implied assertion that since *The Peak *is being sued, they must have been wrong.  I must ask him why it is that he removed these supposed articles from the website of his paper to prevent getting sued? More importantly, how does the fact that Global News is being sued factor into his thought process?
Also, of note, Titus Gregory of www.studentunion.ca received a very threatening letter for posting the forensic audit that found that money was missing, misused, or misspent and has resulted in a criminal investigation by the New Westminster Police.