I Got Mail (Finally) - Daily Log

I finally got mail today! Actually, tons of mail. 25 pieces to be exact. Tons of reading and tons of work to do to reply to some of it. Thankfully, I have been engaging in law and access to information activities. I will be using these skills now. I have always believed that things happen for a reason and the reason keep getting revealed to me.
In other news today. I have some sort of virus, not too bad yet but I am making sure to eat well and rest. I had to postpone some testing I was supposed to do today. That sucked because I really want to get some of these tests out of the way. I signed up for another set of courses today. The courses are in English Grammar, an area that I need massive improvement in.
I have had to give up on my attempt to get my ref license back for the time being. I am still have difficulty in making decisions. Returning to who I was will be more difficult than just deciding to do it. I talked with a well-placed official in Hamilton who used to be my second. He will try to have me assigned to work under him if I referee when I return in the fall. That will be nice but it will be weird taking my directions from him. Now I get to see if I was a good mentor.
In other news, the tempature outside this morning was -42 with fog. Locally it is called Ice Fog because it is so thick and you can feel the ice pellets in the air. It is currently warming up to -2 for a high on Tuesday. It will be nice to go out with my hat and gloves. I will take advantage of this to take the 1.5 hr round walk to the grocery store.