I’m going to Montreal but not for the party scene

(Yes, I am stretching for headlines this morning.)

This is the obligatory “out-of-the-office” blog post.

I’m leaving for Montreal this morning and will not return until Monday.  (So, if your in Montreal and have suggestions of a good bar on Thursday or Friday night – email me: joey@joeycoleman.ca)

I will be working on a story for the professional school issue of the magazine this fall. I will also be visiting the local universities to gain a better understanding of the higher education picture in the city.

I’m hoping to create a few interesting posts for this blog over the next couple of days but I am end up “abandoning” the blog while I’m in Montreal.

I’m taking the VIA train leaving Aldershot at 6am and scheduled to arrive in Montreal at 1223. As it’s VIA Rail, I’ve scheduled my day with the expectation that the train will be between 60 to 90 minutes late. They may surprise me, I’ve never experienced an on-time VIA train.

While I’m on the train, I hope to finish up a few posts I’m working on, so check back mid-afternoon.

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