In Hamilton and keeping busy!

I have now moved into my new apartment in Hamilton. I started classes today and McMaster. I do not think I am going to like McMaster during this summer. More on that another time… but it got me thinking of the irony involved. I loved U of M during the summer and not during the school year yet it appears it will be the opposite at McMaster.
My grievances are:
no 24 hr computer lab
arcade is closed
computers do not have any functionality
I had a great weekend having gone to the Education Summit and learned a lot. I will be very busy very soon as I will be sitting on a School Board Committee, I am sitting on a MSU (McMaster Students Union) Committee, and I will be working at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club (by working I mean half paid / half volunteer).
I will start working on a full paper about U of M food services after the May long weekend and hope to post it late June after my first round of exams.