Interesting Listen: Boston NPR station interview on preparation for COVID vaccine distribution

Our public health leaders are preparing us for the long-term reality of living during a pandemic, with discussions of lengthy time periods for the development of an effective vaccine, the production of these vaccine, and the distribution of the vaccine. There may not be enough COVID vaccine for everyone until 2024, the world's biggest producer of vaccines stated to media this week.

It is clear now that we're entering a winter in which we have to be vigilant against the virus, in which we remain physically distant from other individuals, and in which our "new normal" continuing to be abnormal each and every day.

[Myself, I expect my book exchange trip to Toronto on Friday will be my final visit until Spring 2021 as I will not spend unnecessary time indoors and am reluctant to be on board a GO bus]

At some point during August, I recall Hamilton's Medical Officer of Health discussing her efforts to stockpile medical needles in preparation for the future day when there is a vaccine and demand for needles reaches an all-time high.

This is a short interview, but it does give you some idea of the difficult decisions which will have to be made while vaccines are in production and the available supply is low. Worth noting that it is expect the vaccine will require two doses spread over a period of time.

Hospitals Prepare For Vaccine Distribution, Despite Uncertainty Around Timing Of Approval
To help explain the planning, we spoke to Dr. Paul Biddinger, director of emergency preparedness for the Mass General-Brigham Hospital Network, who will oversee vaccine distribution when it comes.