Is Aramark Profiting for Katrina Refugees at the Astrodome? I personally doubt it.

It is not known but it is rumoured that Aramark is charging “contract prices” for all food and services currently being given to the refugees at the Astrodome in Houston. This information is from a blogger in the US who has been tracking this issue all day. He sent an email to Aramark on the issue earlier today and received a response from Aramark. He did not get a denial from Aramark saying they are not charging “contract prices”. Hopefully they are not and I truly believe that when all is said and done Aramark will consider their services here to be a donation to the cause. Something I will follow and something I know many bloggers will be following as well. That is my two cents on the issue.
Actually, just read a news release. Dave Matthews is playing a benefit show and Aramark will be donating all profits from that show. So I consider it very likely that Aramark will donation in Houston as well.
You can read the blogger who is tracking this issue by clicking the link below

DC Comment: So, it’s the City of Houston? I understand that Health Dept. rules are made for the safety of all who consume products at various events and only “certified” vendors and concessioners are able to provide those things AT THOSE EVENTS. But we’re talking about a response to a natural disaster and the people of Houston have responded with individual donations ON THE SPOT. To many caring people, it’s about delivering things on the spot–unlike FEMA who waits a week or so. An example would be the 10 to 15 Houstonians who saw a shirtless little boy on ABC-13 and responsed by bringing clothing; or others who watched 30 buses delayed (therefore delayed from receiving food and water) who then brought cases of bottled water. So, as with most natural disasters, most rules and regulations are broken momentarily to assure that food and water are provided to those with the most need. Government response and a people’s response are very different, and this should be understood. Thanks to Aramark for responding, and we post this with reservation because we still hear reports of a lack of resources in the Dome, as well as the “contract pricing” charged for the effort. Nonetheless, we all have the same group of people in mind–the victims of Katrina–and we appreciate all involved.
Text of E-Mail from Aramark:
ARAMARK encourages everyone who feels so moved to please continue contributing to the Hurricane relief efforts. Please also know that the people being temporarily housed at the Astrodome are receiving all food and services free of charge, and that they are receiving healthy snacks around the clock as well as three well-balanced meals a day, including items such as eggs, sausage, fruit, pasta, sandwiches, water and vegetables.
Another inaccurate rumor that has been circulating is that ARAMARK has halted public food donations from entering the Astrodome. In fact, the Houston Health Department has forbidden ARAMARK from receiving donations of food items, due to various food safety and quality control concerns. Instead, the American Red Cross is encouraging those who wish to donate food items to give them to the Houston Food Bank, as you correctly mentioned on your Blog. Obviously, the safety of the displaced is of utmost importance.
We appreciate your willingness to provide up-to-date information for a public in need. I would like to ask your help in correcting the information…
Doug Warner
ARAMARK Communications