It is coming... The Silhoutte is Going to Make the Next Issue About How Bad a Person I am

Today, the Silhoutte and one of their writers were very busy on Google.
They were searching out information on me and were searching for pictures of me.
I have already been warned that Editor-in-Chief of the Sil wants revenge against me for pointing out the unethicial actions that occured during the so-called election of Vice-President (Education).
Now how does the Sil relate into all of this. The Editor-in-Chief of the Sil was one of the campaign managers for the current MSU President (who just started today) and this MSU President had a great amount of influence in making sure that the Editor-in-Chief was the person who worked on his campaign,
The MSU President is part of the group that holds control of the MSU Executive wing and that is doing every dirty trick they can to stop the Accountability Act from moving forward as they want their corporate gifts and really do not like the idea of having to account for how the money they take from us students is spent.
So be prepared everyone cause you are going to watch dirty politics at its worst.
I will definitely scan the issue of the Sil, should be amusing to see what they make up.