It's going to be hot in Hamilton.... again

![A picture of Birge Park outdoor pool on June 8, 2012 showing it filled with water in preparation for the summer swimming season]( "Birge Park pool Hamilton - 8 June 2012")Birge Park outdoor pool on June 8, 2012 showing it filled with water in preparation for the summer swimming season
Two weeks ago, Hamilton sweated out our first non-official heat wave of the summer. This week, we’ll face our second one with temperatures peaking at 32°C on both Wednesday/Thursday and above 30°C on Tuesday/Friday.

The humidex is expected to hit 39 at the airport on Tuesday. Humidex advisories are issued at 40 and the city’s heat response goes into effect as well. 39 at the airport usually translates into above 40 for the lower city.

Wednesday’s expected humidex value is 43. At 45, the city pools operate with extended hours.

As of 6 p.m. Monday, the city has not decided to activate the heat plan.

In a special weather statement issued at 5:52 p.m., Environment Canada states a humidex advisory will likely be issued for Hamilton on Tuesday.

Overnight lows will bring some relief in the low 20s or high teens.

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Environment Canada Hamilton forecast

**Tues – **30°C Increasing cloudiness. 60% chance of rain or TStorm in afternoon. UV index: very high
**Weds – **32°C Sunny
**Thurs – **32°C Sunny
**Fri – **31°C Mix of sun and cloud
**Sat – **27°C Cloudy, 60% chance of showers

All-time Hamilton temperature records

**July 3 – **39.4°C  (1911)
**July 4 – **38.3°C  (1868)
**July 5 – **38.3°C  (1911)
**July 6 – **37.8°C (1921)
**July 7 – **37.4°C (1988)[/module]

Wednesday will be the scorcher of the week with humidex values expected to hit 43. Instability in the air mass caused by daytime heating could generate conditions favourable to lake-breeze fronts that often bring severe downpours to concentrated areas of the city.

The city’s public health department offers advice on keeping cool and coping with the heat on their website here. All outdoor pools are now open.

Thankfully, it’s not 1911 when a heatwave peaked the mercury at a temperature that induces sweat just writing – 39.4°C. How does one manage in that kind of heat, especially before air conditioning.

With that record high in mind, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the heat.

Looking for somewhere to cool off and get wet? Check out this map of every Hamilton water spot. Best of all, it’s free to put on your website too!