Listening to Robert Milton on CTV’s Question Period
His goal remains to kill WestJet. His main point was open skies and giving Air Canada the ability to fly in the United States. He knows that WestJet is not in a position to expand to the US right away. Whereas Air Canada can make a ton of money in the States and sell tickets in Canada below cost to run WestJet into the ground like they did with Canadian Airlines. Of course he is also calling for the Canadian Government to give Air Canada more money to buy aircraft. You do not see WestJet going to the Government cap in hand.
He is completely correct about NavCan fees, Security Fees, Taxes, AIF’s, Airport Rents, and Landing Fees.
Back in late November, David Akin of CTV wrote a entry on landing fees. He pointed out that Toronto is the most expensive airport in North America to land an aircraft.
Check it out yourself:
I am glad that I am a WestJet convert and the flight I booked a couple of weeks ago for the end of April was booked on WestJet. I am very lucky as the fare I booked on WestJet was $69 when I booked. It was $105 a seat on Friday and is now $149. I am very lucky.