Joey's Not So Daily Links for February 25, 2017

In which I share links from across the web in no particular order:

  1. Why it is a problem when journalists jump into politics | Andrew Potter - another journalist has jumped from covering to working for the government. Potter argues why this is a problem, and I agree. I'll add journalists who covering higher education then becoming public relations staff for the institution they covered.

  2. How to Run a Rogue Government Twitter Account With an Anonymous Email Address and a Burner Phone | Micah Lee, The Intercept - A great guide to launching a truly anonymous Twitter account.

  3. Mountain Of Debt Delays Some Graduates From A Dream: Farming | KBIA (NPR Columbia, Missouri) - I enjoy randomly selecting NPR stations to listen to. This piece from NPR in Missouri feels like a challenge we could be facing in Ontario in the years to come.

  4. Why one economist believes letting people vote to fund media could save it | J-Source - Voter Funded Media is successful at the University of British Columbia, having awarded the seed money that helped establish UBC Insiders as a strong watchdog outlet on campus. VFM founder Mark Latham speaks with J-Source. disclosure: I participated in VFM in 2008 from Ontario covering UBC.