Kelly Lamrock is a popular guy

Kelly Lamrock, New Brunswick’s Education Minister is a popular guy these days, just look at these letters to the editor for proof.

My favourite is the letter by Amit Virmani stating:

"Did he [Kelly Lamrock] just check all that experience and will to fight for students at the door after leaving UNB/STU for the legislature? I figured being an MLA pays better than his former lobbyist position at the Canadian Federation of Students, but I could be wrong."


"It’s unfortunate to see him lobbying for change that is regressive and taking the province back in time"

Lamrock left the CFS and was a student lobbyist for the New Brunswick Student Alliance prior to becoming an MLA.

I enjoy the use of the term "regressive." We all know there is a huge regressive conspiracy movement happening in Canada.

Anyone interested in joining?

The meeting is at my place next Monday immediately following the Zionist media conspiracy meeting.