Last weekend TheSpec can "hold back stories for print"?

Does CBC’s entry into the Hamilton market mean the end of TheSpec being able to “hold back” stories for their print edition?

Today, they are holding back a story about Bratina’s comments in The Globe and Mail stating the City of Hamilton is looking at a possible casino in Hamilton.

“We need to gather information and see what the opportunities might be for our municipality,” Bratina wrote in an email to The Globe and Mail. “We also need to know what impact any new gaming opportunity would mean to the horse racing industry in Flamborough, which is an integral part of Hamilton’s agricultural sector.”

A Spectator article follows these comments up. It was posted to their webpage briefly before being taken down.

The article states “councillors are already raising concerns about the mayor’s decision to pursue a casino without their direction” and quotes ward 4 councillor Sam Merulla.

Peggy Chapman, the mayor’s chief of staff, is quoted in the article as stating the matter will come to Council following a meeting between the Mayor and OLG.

With CBC Hamilton launching shortly, TheSpec should hopefully no longer be the only news outlet with a presence at City Hall.

This is healthy for the citizenry and TheSpec. The paper needs the competition to remain sharp. A lack of competition is unhealthy, especially for the entity with the monopoly.