Leaked: "Accountability and Transparency Sub-Committee" agenda

Hamilton’s “accountability and transparency sub-committee” meets Tuesday and, thanks for to a source, a copy of the sub-committee’s agenda was leaked.

The sub-committee’s to-do list includes consideration of legal advice on the proposed bylaw gagging citizens who file complaints with the integrity commissioner. Despite being told repeatedly by the acting city solicitor the idea is a violation of the Charter, council voted to continue work on the bylaw. Only five councillors stood against the proposal: Clark, Farr, Morelli, Merulla, and Johnston.

Officially, the gag order is not on the agenda. However, it was not on the March 29 agenda either when it was introduced and passed with only citizen member Joanna Chapman opposed.

The sub-committee meets Tuesday at 11am. I’ll be in attendance around 12:30pm.