Letter in the Sheaf to the USSU Executive

Okay, first: The reason I am posting this is because I feel that this letter could easily fit at most campuses in Canada and refer to almost any student union leadership. I can tell you that I have never seen this year’s MSU Executive take the bus. Frankly, it is very rare for me to see a member of the SRA use the bus. Probably explains why they consistently opposed any improvements to the buses this year. Of course, now that Drew Mitchell wants votes, he suddenly cares about transit with a pie in the sky promise that he will never actually implement.

Student to Exec: You suck

Dear Ashlee and the USSU Executive,

After reading the Sheaf, it has come to my attention that riding the bus is good for the environment and something all students should do.
Apparently, I should vote in favour of a hundred (or so) dollar fee so that everyone will be more likely to ride the bus, thus saving the polar bears.

I have a simple offer: I will if you will. How many USSU Exec members ride the bus? My last count was zero. In fact, zero for the past two years and most likely longer. Rather than being leaders in environmentally friendly transit, the USSU Exec are given guaranteed parking spots in the best lot on campus.

I will vote in favour of the UPass if (and only if) each and every member of the USSU Executive surrenders his or her parking pass to take advantage of the amazing service offered by Saskatoon Transit. Until the Exec is willing to put its actions where its mouth is, I’ll vote no. Stop telling me what’s good for me. Start showing me.

Anna Cole,
4th Year Civil Engineering Student

Speaking of promises and Drew Mitchell…….. I remember something about his appointment at the SRA to VP Finance where he said he was going to give monthly reports including financial figures to the SRA. I guess he continues the MSU tradition of getting appointed Vice-President (the VPs are not elected by the student body), moving into the MSU office, removing oneself completely from the student body, promptly forgetting about your promises and then doing nothing or next to nothing expect pre-campaigning for President.