Listening to lectures for leisure

As I spend time coding, I always enjoy the distraction of some background noise. Normally, this means music. Recently, I’ve listened to lectures that are available as podcasts in “open course” packages.

I browsed iTunesU and selected a wide selection of courses with my focuses – not surprisingly – being politics, history, and philosophy. I’ve also downloaded a range of lectures related to the trade of journalism.

As it happened, the first lecture series that downloaded completely was Yale’s “The American Revolution“. I selected this as I’ve always held an interest in better understanding the events that lead to the colonial revolt and the ideas that are expressed in the American Constitution and the early American Republic.

It’s an informative series of lectures. While I’m not fully focusing on the materials, I’ve enjoying the new understanding that I’ve gained from listening while coding and, admittedly, playing NBA Jam on the XBox.

Free lectures are on fire!