February 25, 2014

Live 3:00pm: City Council Hears Public Delegations on 2014 Budget

Live 3:00pm: City Council Hears Public Delegations on 2014 Budget
[module type=”aside” width=”half” align=”right”] [Agenda on City website](http://www.hamilton.ca/CityDepartments/CorporateServices/Clerks/AgendaMinutes/GeneralIssues/2014/February25GIC.htm) As of February 18, 2014, the following individuals/ organizations have registered to speak to the 2014 City of Hamilton Budget:
  • Denise Doyle, Chief Executive Officer, Status of Women Committee
  • Evelyn Myrie, Executive Director, Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion
  • David Arbuckle
  • Bill Tufts, Fair Pensions for All
  • Richard Wikkerink, Associate Provost, Co-Curriculum and Student Development, Redeemer University College
  • Justin Eisinga, Garnering Support
  • Arend Kersten, Executive Director, Flamborough Chamber of Commerce

It only happens once a year, City Council will hear from the public outside of business hours.
Once a year, Council invites the public to speak to it outside of business hours on the proposed budget. The only requirement to speak is that it must be related to the budget and must keep within the five minute time limit.
Of note this year, there are two scheduled delegations requesting improved bus service to Redeemer University College.
Council will remain at City Hall until 7pm for any “walk-in” delegations.
Live video starts at 3:00 p.m.