LiveBlogging Ward One Debate (5) Reading the Material

Tony Greco
Overall, a nice design. Good bullet points. Not much detail, just the normal politicial lines. He does have a picture with Terry Cooke which is concerning as Terry Cooke’s politicial elite have been responsible for the vast majority of the problems in Hamilton.
Brian McHattie
An alright brochure. Plays to his strengths. Good bolding of points. There is not much in the brochure that attracts me. There is encouragement to go to his website.
Fred Spencer
No materials.
There are now five students present. Correction, only four students.
There is now a debate between a questioner and a candidate. The moderator has lost control of the session.
Now the questioner (who is not a student) and one candidate are going at each other. The moderator is just standing there looking, trying to figure out what to do. We are wasting a lot of time on this little debate.
Now there are two candidates and this guy agruing. This has been going on for 8 minutes now.
Finally one of the people in the audience has spoken up trigging the moderator to do something.