Looking at the map, but not getting it right - a correction

I got it wrong, looked at the right place on the map, and still got it wrong today.
It took me less than 3 minutes to publicly correct my error.

Here’s how I made the error, and what steps I’m taking to prevent similar mistakes in the future.

I read the following tweet from the Fire Department:

NEW | F12019371 | STRUCTURE FIRE |Loc: 0 Block WESANFORD PL HAM| Units: 6 | 7/10/12 12:49

— HamOnt Fire Service (@HFS_Incidents) July 10, 2012

I selected the text of the street name, right click, search ‘Google’, and a map pops up. I look, the map shows City Hall and the spur street. Due to the zoom level of the mini-map, I think it’s the back driveway area of City Hall.

I tweet in error:

#HamOnt Fire responding to “Structure Fire” in the back of City Hall. 7 units dispatched. via @hfs_incidents

— Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) July 10, 2012

I then look at the image in a full map and quickly realize that it’s just west of City Hall. I very quickly, and without wordplay, announce my error:

CORRECTION: I misread the map. The Fire is NOT City Hall. Nearby, one block west. #HamOnt

— Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) July 10, 2012

My initial tweet, with the error, does not have an opportunity to spread.

Preventing the error next time

This is a human error, my perception incorrectly saw the relation between City Hall and the street incorrectly. I very quickly realized the exact location when I saw the area with satellite view – as a safeguard, I’ll be using both street and satellite view for side streets (especially dead-ends) in the future.

Mike Moniz added great content to the story today and I wish to highlight his tweet.

@joeycoleman At Wesanford Pl. Street named after Hamilton industrialist W.E. Sanford hence Wesanford Pl

— Michael Moniz (@mikesmoniz) July 10, 2012