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Looking for Hamilton News? Visit ThePublicRecord.ca

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If you are like most of my readers, you visit JoeyColeman.ca for the news coverage I provide.

JoeyColeman.ca started as my personal website. Over the years, its morphed into a news portal and I’ve grown as a journalist. There’s one big problem: this has left JoeyColeman.ca with an identity crisis – is it a news site or is it Joey Coleman’s personal site. It can’t be both.

Having the journalism I write solely on JoeyColeman.ca limits our ability to grow the work were engaged in together – specifically, attempting to build sustainable local watchdog journalism. I hope ThePublicRecord.ca will enable us to grow that project.

For myself, I couldn’t use JoeyColeman.ca as my own personal presence on the web. I lost it as an outlet for personal expression. I tried launching a tumblr blog a few years. It didn’t work.

When I write personal-style posts, there are those who express frustration because they visit JoeyColeman.ca for the news.

There’s also the element of web experimentation that I’ve lost. I can’t experiment with scripts or coding projects on JoeyColeman.ca; I can’t afford to crash my site with some obscure bug.

This conflict between my personal and professional web personas inevitability needed resolution.