Maclean’s Guide to Canadian Universities - what I think’s important

The latest Maclean’s Guide to Canadian Universities is now on newsstands.

It is packed with all kinds of information and charts to assist in the important decision that is picking a university.

The charts include tuition rates, library holdings, student satisfaction and engagement scores, student/faculty ratios, spending on student service and scholarships, and more…

I’m going to skip to what I thought was the most important factor when I was in high school, the male-female ratio. Let’s face it, a big part of the university experience is the dating game (or at least I thought so in high school, in reality, I spend way too much time being a nerd but that’s another post).

So, which schools are the winners in the male:female ration competition? (Yes, I know I have a male bias.)

Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax with a male-female ratio of 20:80. There are a few universities in the 30:70 range. On the opposite end of the spectrum, University of Ontario Institute of Technology has a male-female ratio of 56:44. Now, they share the campus with Durham College so the combined ratio likely favours males – Now, don’t go rushing to MSVU because we told you the ratio.

I have to work on getting some influence in the rankings department – they don’t include the number of pinball machines per-capita in the rankings. Nor do they count campus arcades, street meat stands, or account for the cost of chocolate in the rankings.

(Before people start getting all excited, the previous para is a joke – I have nothing to do with the rankings whatsoever. I don’t even get a sneak preview – I have to wait like everyone else for it to hit newsstands)

Lastly, congratulations to UBC Insiders for making the What’s Hot list for the University of British Columbia.