Maclean's Urback is wrong to attack Queen's president

In her last commentary for *Maclean’s OnCampus, *Robyn Urback goes after Queen’s University president Daniel Wolfe.” Urback writes “‘paternalism’ is the new “freedom of thought'” at Queen’s.

What grave offence against civilization has Dr. Wolfe committed to earn the scorn of *Maclean’s *star blogger?

He announced a five year phase-out of bottled water sales at the Kingston, Ontario university. Ms. Urback equates the end of bottled water sales to be an attack on freedom of choice and a ‘paternalistic’ action by Dr. Wolfe.

She is wrong in her attack (and it is an attack), there is no “ban” on bottled water. Students will be able to consume bottled water, they just won’t be able to *purchase *bottled water on campus.

Provided Queen’s installs a series of reusable bottle filling stations, the phase-out of bottled water sales will be of benefit to the overall student body.