Man in green bodysuit = Victory!

In what is the most bizarre non-scandal in a student union election I’ve ever seen, the last place finishing candidate in the McMaster University student union election is claiming electoral fraud.

Alex Ramirez, who asked his fellow students to “Join The Revolution”, posted to his campaign blog Friday alleging the “vote count was manipulated.”

I don’t want to take anything away from the excellent analysis of the claims by McMaster’s student newspaper *The Silhouette, *go read their excellent dissection of the absurdity of Ramirez’s claims.

I’d like to highlight the most absurb and unique of the claims – Ramirez claims that a man wearing a green bodysuit “gathered a substantial amount of enthusiasm” for his campaign and this support is evidence of manipulation as the green suit swung more than the 704 votes he received.

Taking a look at photo’s Ramirez’s campaign posted of the suit person, I’d say it was more bizarre than ingenious.

Man in green bodysuit = Victory!

I don’t think so.