Man the Barracks!!!, I Mean Hide in a Bunker!!!

The SFSS “G7” has cancelled a Student Forum where students could have spoke to the issues going on at SFSS.
Wow, I do not know the local fruit in B.C. (okay, maybe I should use the local plant, but I am not going there) cause I would replace the word banana with that.
Democracy, such an annoyance eh?
SFSS Democracy Now! Reports:

Another strike at democracy: Forum meeting cancelled
This just in:

Hey everyone,
Please be advised that unfortunately Forum will not be able to meet tomorrow, Wednesday Sept.27th due to lack of quorum. The next scheduled meeting will be Wednesday Oct.26th at 4:30pm. Please circle this date on your calendar.
Glyn Lewis
Member Services Officer
Simon Fraser Student Society
Canadian Federation of Students Local 23
p:604-268-6564 f:604-291-5843

Glyn Lewis, MSO for the Society, has cancelled the September Forum meeting. The Forum did not meet in August, nor will it meet in September. One wonders how quourm cannot be met if the meeting cannot be held.
Some current rumours indicate that Forum was about to discuss some things that the Board didn’t like – such as a call for a Special General Meeting and a motion of censure – so they cancelled it. Is that fair? Why not let Forum decide?
For those of you who don’t know, Forum is the place where Departmental Student Unions and consituency groups have their say at the SFSS. In days gone by, it was the highest decision making body in the Society. However, today, it appears to have outlived the Board’s pleasure.
Officialy, Glyn maintains he cancelled the meeting because he felt that there wouldn’t be a quorum, since not enough people responded to his e-mail. However, the Board of Directors are members of Forum, and they would make quorum. Some maintain that Glyn should have attempted to make the meeting, and let it fail due to lack of quorum instead of preemptively cancelling the meeting.