March 25th, I stopped to think

It’s late and I’m not in headline writing mode right now. I feel that I need to force myself into a routine of writing on this blog. Sadly, I can’t think of much to say tonight because I’m fairly exhausted from writing my very brief Ontario budget piece early.

Actually, it’s that I’m tired in general this week. Not sure why, probably cause it is the end of the term.

Anyway, the great thing about this being my personal blog is that sometimes you (my readers) allow me to indulge in a pointless rant like this one here.

Last night, I attended a Penance Mass at Ancaster’s St. Ann’s Church. It was a beautiful ceremony and gave me plenty of time to pray and reflect while in the pew. When I lived on-campus at the University of Manitoba, I would often go to the St. John’s College Chapel late at night to sit in a pew and make sense of the world. It was refreshing and last night was refreshing as well.

Today, March 25th, was budget day in Ontario. This is the fourth Ontario budget that I’ve written about the post-secondary aspects for. Covering the Ontario budget was my first story at *Macleans *in 2007. It is for this reason that provincial budgets often trigger reflection.

I also received an email from a good friend whom I have not seen since 2007. We’ve been trying since May 10 of that year to get together for dinner; it just hasn’t happened. I often wonder if the fact that we’re forced to communicate by email is one of the reasons that we have such deep conversation.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today. Good night all and hopefully I’ll be 100% tomorrow.