Martin and the Election - it is just a Smokescreen

Martin’s people are very smart. They realized that the spin of the day was going to be Jason Kenney doing what most Canadians who do when in China – Stand up for Human Rights! Instead Paul Martin is more interested in signing nuclear trade deals and getting more shipping for CSL.
So, here it is: Jason Kenney (Bigtime HatTip) goes to the home of Zhao Ziyang who spent the last 15 years under house arrest for not being one of the Beijing Butchers. Unlike Paul Martin, Jason Kenney was not interested in shaking blood soaked hands and was interested in doing what Canadians want from their leaders: Stand up for Human Rights.
One must remember that Paul Martin does not care about trivial things like human rights or regular folk for that matter. Paul Martin only cares about his greed, his buddies greed, and his precious shipping company.
Realizing that Paul Martin (shaking blood-covered hands) vs. Jason Kenney (representing what Canadians truly care about) would be the top story from the Asia trip, Paul Martin’s spin-doctors pulled our the Ace up their sleeve: A Election Call. The mainstream Media took the bait and Jason Kenney’s actions are now a footnote.
Very nicely done by Paul Martin’s spin-doctors, sad the Media took the bait.
A Good Article on this: