Mayor Bratina launches blog, I help out - the clarification post

*Apologies for the delay on this post. I was bedridden sick for most of last week and am still not quite 100%. *

Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina launched his own official blog last week.

In this launch post, Mayor Bratina notes the involvement of Teresa DiFalco (The Hamiltonian), Ryan McGreal, and myself.

The Mayor’s office contacted me and asked for a meeting. The reason for the meeting was not specified. This did not matter, when the Mayor of Hamilton requests a meeting, I agree to it.

It’s no secret the Mayor dislikes me – I stand as the only individual called a liar at City Council this term. The Mayor has never apologized or withdrawn the statement.
I’m indifferent towards the Mayor, it’s my role to raise above personal attack and remain focused on my work.

Meeting with the Mayor’s office

I met with the Mayor’s office staff, including his chief of staff Peggy Chapman. They asked me numerous questions about online culture, blogging, and the WordPress platform they were using.  I gave my advice and provided examples of my experiences creating engagement online. They showed me an early version of the blog and I provide some feedback.

The conversation last about an hour. There was no payment for my time, nor has there been quid pro quo.

If the Mayor is willing to move in a positive direction, even if he doesn’t move as far as I’d like to see, I feel it’s my role as a Hamiltonian to offer whatever encouragement I can.

I wish the Mayor luck with his blog and hope that we see more civic leaders (both elected and non-elected) attempting to use web technologies to better engage citizens in our civic conversation and decision making.

Waiting for the Mayor Bob’s blogsite review

Mayor Bratina’s not the only “Mayor Bob” blogging in Hamilton. A well-written humorous parody blog has been around for a year now. I’m awaiting the “Mayor Bob’s blogsite” review of the official site.