Mayor Bratina's office cuts 29 cheques

Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina’s $10,000 donation to the United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton was completed by issuing 29 separate cheques to individual United Way agencies.

Rob Rossini, general manager, finance & corporate services, confirmed in an email Thursday the donations were dispersed by the Mayor’s office as 29 separate donations to the individual charities.

Mayor Bratina announced the donation from his office budget on February 2, 2011.

Questions were raised by members of the public about the donation violating a city policy limiting donations by politicians using city funds to $350 each fiscal year to a single organization.

City Council voted a week later for city staff to review if the $10,000 donation violates the $350 limit.

The review is pending and city staff are currently schedule to complete the review in December. The report is scheduled to be presented to the Audit, Finance and Administration committee on December 7, 2011.