McGill Daily: Quebec Young Liberals push for tuition hike

The McGill Daily reports that the Quebec Young Liberals are pushing for the tuition freeze in Quebec to come to an end.  I find this interesting.  I do agree with there basic premise that financial aid must increase with tuition.  This year tuition is up in Ontario and I am paying more.  I am also not getting any increase in my financial aid.  That annoys me.  Anyway, here is a snippet of the article and the link here:

The youth wing of Quebec’s Liberal Party is campaigning to lift the province-wide tuition freeze that has been in effect since 1996.
According to the Youth-Commission of the Parti libéral du Québec, the tuition freeze benefits the upper class at all Quebec universities by offering them a cheap ticket they do not need. They suggest regulated tuition increases along with more financial aid.
“Our position is an increase in Quebec tuition and a congruent increase in financial aid,” said Julien Morissette, Policy Coordinator for the Quebec Liberal Youth.

This is definitely a developing story that I hope to learn more on.