McMaster ChangeCamp 2017

McMaster ChangeCamp 2017

ChangeCamp is only a week and a half away. Monday, September 25, 2017.

I'm registered because the event provides a great opportunity for bridging between Town and Gown (the community and university) to work on projects in five areas: Food Insecurity, Transportation, Community Print Shop, Affordable Housing, and Space Animation.

Find out more about each topic, and register to attend here.

I've registered for the discussions on Food Insecurity and Community Print Shop. Food Insecurity is a major issue across Hamilton, and I'm hopeful ChangeCamp will result in more urban farming projects.

On the Community Print Shop, there is a desire to see the creation of a small scale print shop to support the publication and printing of volunteer neighbourhood newspapers.

As a media type, I have views on this. We need more neighbourhood media and newspapers are the best method of delivery for neighbourhood level information. I support these papers with my Creative Commons licensing that enables them to use my work in their papers at no cost, and the access to my collection of semi-pro news photography. If I had time, I'd love to write for them.

I do not believe that including a printing press in a Print Shop is a good idea, the mechanical process of printing is costly and with 10,000 prints for a publication such as The Point in Crown Point, printing is not a small process. Printing is best left to industrial operators who can offer competitive pricing.

The Community Print Shop should have the tools, hardware, and software to enable high-quality design and editorial products. It should be able to faciliate the creation of new publications, and even individual self-publication. It should be the "maker-space" for alpha-numeric communication. It's a great fit for the Hamilton Public Library.

What are your ideas, and thoughts? Come out to ChangeCamp and share them. Register now.