McMaster Students and HSR reach new UPass Agreement

Proposals includes new late night service from campus and Hess Village, students must approve in referendum.

The McMaster Students Union is reporting they’ve reached an agreement with the HSR to renew the UPass enjoyed by undergraduate students.
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**Story Updates**
- MSU cost will not impact rate for Redeemer, Mohawk, and Brock. - $100,000 service enhancement already in 2014 budget request in front of Council


MSU VP Finance Jeffery Doucet tells the student government, in a memo, the HSR and MSU reached an agreement providing students five options in a spring referendum:

  • No UPass
  • Current UPass at 145% of adult monthly pass cost;
  • An enhanced service option at 152.5% of adult monthly pass cost;
  • A 12-month pass at 152% of adult monthly pass cost; or
  • A 12-month pass, with enhanced service, at 159.5% of adult monthly pass cost.

Doucet’s memo states the HSR will increase it’s funding of McMaster bus service by $100,000 per year if students vote for one of the two enhanced service options.

Included in the enhancements, extended 51-University service until 3 a.m. in the morning for students studying late on campus or enjoying a night out at Hess Village.

The HSR agreement previously set sets the rates for all other UPass agreements, expect the graduate students agreement at McMaster. Graduate students currently pay 210% of a monthly pass for their 12-month UPass.

Nancy Purser, HSR’s Manager of Transit Support Services, says the MSU increase will not impact other UPasses at Redeemer, Mohawk, and Brock. They will remain indexed at 145% of the monthly pass.

Don Hull, the Director of Transit who oversees the HSR, says the $100,000 enhancement is already budgeted for in the 2014 Budget.