Photo essay: McMaster’s Israel Apartheid Rally

McMaster University was the scene of a boisterous rally today as pro-Israel and pro-Palestine took to the microphone to condemn or support Israel.

The event wasn’t good or bad – at least it didn’t break down into a physical confrontation. The “after-rally” was very hardline. Even this was kept under control by the prompt action of McMaster security to keep the two sides apart.

During the open session, the moderator (left) cut the mic of a pro-Israel speaker who continued to make his point by shouting over the moderator.

Heather Kere of the Ryerson Students’ Union told the assembled crowd that McMaster University and the McMaster Students Union were wrong to ban the poster by the Israel Apartheid Awareness Week group.

York Federation of Students Vice-President Gilary Massa lead the York delegation to attend the rally at McMaster.

Most people in the crowd were not actually students.