Mention in this week's Toban

I got a mention in this weeks Toban for my work almost two years ago on UMSU Council:


I miss my UMSU Council days, great debate, great people I represented (That includes Caleb despite the recall, btw I lost your email man, get in touch), the other members of Council both on the left and right wings of Council.  Mostly, I miss the good food at Degree’s followed closely by the DDR sessions at IQs.  I am definitely looking at returning for my Grad Studies (sorry UManitoba Admin) or if the MSU gets it way (they want McMaster University to ban me from attending) I may return sooner.
Probably the best part about UMSU is how people are so professional.  I have been a vocal critic of certain policies or decisions taken there.  Never once has anyone threatened me or not talked to me or anything like that.  Instead, they agree to disagree. 
This includes Amanda Aziz.  Amanda is a great person, there is no if and or but about it.  We strongly disagree about the CFS.  She is the National Chair (the highest political position) and I am one of the leading (if not the leading) critic of the CFS.  Never once have we attacked each other personally.  Actually, we still talk (both being busy it has become less often, something I am responsible for in not getting back to all my emails) because that is the way things work.  I will however state that the idea that some student reporters have expressed to me be funny.  The idea is a graphic of Amanda and I versus each other.  It is untrue in the personal sense, but still be amusing.  Maybe I find it amusing because of how it would appear be that the graphic be of two people not necessarily two ideas.

Now, in terms of Food Services at UManitoba.  I cannot take much of the credit at all.  There are many people that deserve much much much more credit than me.  I know I am going to leave so many people out if I made a list and it would take me hours to make the list.

I will end this post with a list of links to my posts on Food Services during the time I was privileged to serve on UMSU Council:

  • The Month Ahead (Feb 1/05) – a brief mention that I was working on food services
  • Food Services Research (Feb 4/05) –  Announcing that I was booking the UMSU Council Chambers for my presentation to students and to get student input/feedback.
  • Back from Meetings … working on Food Services (Feb 17/05) – a rant about how UManitoba was ripping off resident students and that one of the main reasons I was leaving UManitoba was the poor food.  Originally had pictures from my food services research which I lost at some point.
  • Food Services Consultation Hearing (Feb 18/05) – The posting of the poster I had all over campus announcing the consultation hearing I was holding on Food Services. I have added the poster to the end of this blog post.
  • The Students’ Union – We failed to step up this week (Feb 20/05) – A post where I lenient the fact that students on campus at UManitoba during reading week were unable to get any dinner on campus.  I felt that UMSU should have had our diner open for dinner.  This was done the following year (the diner being open for dinner).
  • The Food Services Poster – Causing a Stir (Feb 22/05) – a post about the posters being ripped down in University controlled residence.  Turned out that it was a senior member of RSAC at the time that was doing the ripping down.  RSAC did not condone the actions of the member.
  • The Posters and the Logo**(Feb 22/05) – a post about my poster.  The University complained that the use of the UMSU logo was not authorized by UMSU Council.  I mistakenly (along with others on UMSU Council) thought that I could use the logo as a member.  Without the logo, the University banned the poster from rez.  Four days later, RSAC posted it in rez on the doors of residents.
  • New Posters are Up (Feb 26/05) – a post saying that the new posters were up.
  • Food Services Presentation* *(Mar 2/05) – a post I made right after my open house presentation.  My food services presentation was made available online at that point: Here is the link to the PowerPoint Presentation
  • Another Aramark / UofM Rip-off (Mar 3/05) – a post about a meal that Aramark charged resident students $32 – 34 for but only $19 for non-resident students.
  • Progress on Food Services (Mar 4/05) – announcement that the University would be meeting with me and UMSU on food services.
  • Food Services the Latest Updates (Mar 5/05) – a post explaining the structure of the meeting
  • Making News Instead of Commenting on It.* *(Mar 16/05) – The Manitoban publishes an extensive article about my work.
  • U of M – Highest Meal Rates in The Country and Still Climbing* *(Mar 21/05) – announcement that the BoG had approved a hike to meal rates.  I also detail the cost of a meal and what you get for that cost.
  • UMSU Council – (Mar 23/05) – the post where I announced my resignation from Council.  I did so in order to speak my mind freely in the meeting between UMSU and Administration.  I would be saying things that neither said would like and did not want them confused with being the position of SACSA or UMSU Council.
  • [Another Day](
    l "
    her_day.html") – (Mar 30/05) – a clarification on my presentation is posted here.&n
    bsp; I spoke of how nice it was to have passed on the Food Service portfolio to others at UMSU.