Military Recruitment on Canadian Campuses

Recently, many Canadian universities or their Student Associations/Unions have banned or been forced by student “protests” to effectively ban Canadian Forces Recruiters from their campuses. Recently, the York Federation of Students and York student groups forced the CF off-campus for the second time this term. I am in favour of recruitment on-campus and feel the opportunities should be presented to students. The CF is not for everyone and those that disagree with the CF should be allowed to protest provided they do not block access to the CF display. Forcing the CF off-campus is not acceptable to me as I feel that it is not peaceful protest but forceful protest.
There are peaceful movements to ban the military from McMaster. Considering that the CF currently has the most advertising violations of any group on campus, there is a possibility that the CF could be sanctioned by not being allowed on campus for a period of time. One cannot walk around any campus on the building without passing CF recruiting posters that are posting in clear violation of McMaster University posting policies. The Poster Monkeys (an MSU service group which is responsible for this policy area) have been very busy going around campus removing the CF posters. This is an issue that is causing some debate. It should be interesting to see what happens.