Minister of Health on Campus at McMaster

Sitting down having dinner in Commons tonight, someone asked me where I was for the Minister’s visit today.  I have promised to each campus political club that I will cover their events on campus.  In this case, I did not.  The reason is that I spent Tuesday night covering a Conservative event, all day yesterday (during the day) was spent chasing down the McGuinty visit and story, and then last night, I covered the visit by two provinical cabinet Ministers.  There has been plenty this week.  (Could it be close to Election Time again?) The story I will be writing next week will be about all the visits.  The reality is that the space is limited and already overflowing for the article.

I contacted sources within the provincial government yesterday to confirm the scope of the visit.  I determined that I could “cover” the visit the same by not attending.  Had this been the only event this week, it would have been a different story.  I would have been there.  The reality is that the shear volume this week is overwhelming and I needed the time to do my school work.

900CHML did cover the event and their story is here:…