Missing Launch and Displaying Music on my Blog

I'm working at a very good efficiency right now, which causes me to seek short releases of music as a break.

Combined with a high level of anxiety right now (I can handle pressure, but anxiety, not so well), I've been pumping up music and enjoying myself in between keeping myself distracted by writing.

(You probably saw my Ace of Base tweet a few days ago, as I played my full list of liked songs from over the years)

In 2005, I started paying for LaunchCast Plus, one of the first online streaming services. I used a plugin which updated a text file when a new song played in my LaunchCast desktop app. The plugin then automatically uploaded the text file to my server via SFTP, where my MovableType blogging CMS would display my latest songs in the sidebar.

It was small things like this that made my blog so much fun for me.

I'm now using Google Play Music, and can't find any similar setup.

The other annoyance when Yahoo pulled the plug on Launchcast - I had rated thousands of songs starting in the late 90s, using the scale of 1 to 5. I'm still bitter about Yahoo not providing an export feature for that list.

Yahoo, where good things go to die. Let's face it, it's only a matter of time before Flickr dies. #sigh