More MSU: My Freedom of Information Request

About a month ago, I took advantage of the changes to the Freedom of Information Act in Ontario. The Act now applies to Universities which means that any personal information that hold on me, I am entitled to see unless it does harm or damage to another party.
I requested to see all documentation on the charges filed against me under the Student Code of Conduct when the MSU Inc. decided to ban me from all MSU space. I also was aware that the MSU attempted to have me charged under the Student Code of Conduct prior to the March General Assembly when the Movement for Democratic Reform of the MSU, of which I am a part, tried to ban the acceptance of corporate gifts by the MSU.
To jog the memory, you can read what I said that got me in trouble with the University then here:
MSU President Opposed to ban on Corporate Gifts, Threatens to Work to Rule.
Two weeks later, I decided to run for the appointment of Vice-President Education to make a point. Despite the fact that I was public enemy number one of the MSU, I was not going away. After this appointment, I found a lot of problems with the process and sent an internal email to the MSU SRA. I, incorrectly, pointed at one SRA member for the fact that an MSU member was not allowed to run for the appointment and called for a resignation. I publicly apologized for that and withdrew the call
Following this, the MSU Inc banned me from all MSU space and the University nailed me under the Student Code of Conduct. The charges were all false and never revealed to me. Instead, the University banned me from any communication with other full-time students unless I obtained prior written permission, reinforced the MSU’s ban on me and threatened that I would suffer more severe consequences if I continued to challenge the MSU. The MSU is currently in the back pocket of the University on most issues and is extremely ineffective at representing students. The University is doing everything they can to prevent students from having effective say over the MSU Inc. This is why I have been so severely punished by the University.