More on the Dean Bates situation at McMaster

My last post about the situation at McMaster University’s Degroote School of Business garnered a great deal of feedback from individuals in both factions and some individuals outside of the dispute.

Some are disputing my characterization of the situation as a battle between the academic and industry streams of professors. Others say there is not a history of infighting and the present fighting in unique. There are those who felt I was unfair towards their side or too kind to the other.

I thank everyone for their emails and input on the situation. I’m going to add two items to the discussion.

  1. As posted in a comment, and emailed to me by a few people, The Financial Postran a story in 2002 about the problems at Charles Schwab during Mr. Bates’ leadership of the Canadian division.

  2. I believe the Degroote School needs a new strategic plan. Getting rid of Mr. Bates will not solve the present split within the faculty. Degroote is uniquely positioned with strong academic and industry faculty – a review conducted by outside parties to reorient the entire faculty can leverage synergies between the two camps to ultimately position the McMaster business school as the best in the country. It will take leadership and a willingness to impose the decision of an outside panel upon those in the faculty.