More Transparency Coming at City Hall - Agendas to Be Available Online

Culture Change is under way at City Hall with a Council sub-committee approving a staff idea to once again post Council agendas on the Friday prior to meetings.

Council’s Governance sub-committee disbanded the infamous “Accountability and Transparency” sub-committee before hearing a delegation from myself, Joey Coleman, on accountability and transparency.

I requested Council start posting agendas for all public meetings on a blog-format website pending the completion of the City’s new website and City Council agendas once again be public on Friday. Both were very positively received.

Staff are to report back on options for implementation for both in November.

I will meet with City Staff in the coming weeks on posting the agendas. Releasing Council agendas on Friday requires Council to vote for changes to their procedures. All Councillors present at the meeting were supportive of making the needed changes.