Move Complete - No Internet In My New Room

While, I am going to now see if my blogware and webserver are compatible for pre-posting. I have created a bunch of automated “Picture of the Day” posts for the next couple of days. I will have internet access just not the same amount of access that I am used to. I will not be connected 24/7 like I have been since October.

To get internet, I have to travel 45mins including 12 minutes of walking outside to go to the Medical campus. U of M is the only doctoral University in Canada to close all it libraries on campus. Luckily for U of M, Maclean’s does not actually look at residences, food or library hours when ranking Universities. Of course, this would not hurt U of M cause they are already the worst Doctoral University in Canada for Maclean’s ratings.
Just had to get a rant in.