MSU Recognition Night

Last night was the MSU Recognition Night where student leaders invited by the MSU and the University wine and dine, and awards are handed out.  The Honour M went to a good candidate this year.  I have not heard about the other awards.

I was noticeably excluded from the invitations list this year, and was the only MSU committee member to not get an invite.  I am also Silhouette staff which should have got me an invite.

Of course, being MSU public enemy number one and having been “blamed” for The Silhouette covering the story of the University President having the highest salary of any University President in Canada, I am not exactly popular.

The funny thing is that I would not have attended anyway.  I received an invite last year and turned it down after attempting to arrange to pay for my own meal.  I feel that the night is too MSU and does not get the true student leaders on campus, the people that volunteer day in and day out to run student clubs without any profile, thanks, compensation, or pay.

I, again, call on the MSU to look into how this night is organized, how much it costs and who is not invited and then ask themselves if this is good use of student money?  You want to have a recognition night, no problem, do something in Quarters and invite the people that really get things done; grassroots leaders.  I know I would attend.