MSU Update

I am still banned from all MSU space.
Students with Disabilities continue to hear nothing from the MSU in regards to the work that needs to be done to finalize some agreements that I worked on and got agreements sealed, they just are in the final steps. I would have finish them by now if it were not for the MSU punishing me for my politicial opinion.
The Executive Board of the MSU meant on Monday. I was speaking to an engineering student that was in attendance and from he recalled:
Representative Jones of Humanities promised to ask questions at EB about why the MSU failed to represent students at the BoG meetings. He did not ask any questions in regards to tuition prior to the Executive Board going into closed session removing the Engineering student who was observing from the room. He had a motion that the BoD was to report bi-weekly on what they were doing. It was watered down to monthly.
The EB tried to pass the budget but it was filled with errors and could not be passed.
The Executive continues to defy the SRA by keeping the budget a secret and hiding it from MSU associate members (fee paying full-time undergraduate students like myself are not full members of the MSU).
There was a question about what the Federal Budget meant for McMaster Students. According to the Eng student, the VP Finance did not go into enough detail to give a proper answer to that question.
I am very impressed with how active the Engineers are in working towards a MSU that works for students.
Not to worry, I will get an answer to what the Federal budget means after doing some research on it today.
So basically, it is business as usual.
I have been able to obtain some information from another source. John Popham, the MSU President, was having lunch with someone (who has not been revealed) when the BoG was meeting to hike tuition.
Stay tuned for the June 11th SRA meeting. There are going to be some more motions to make the MSU transparent that the Executive will probably ignore as well.
And of course, this is something you will never hear in the MSU Executive controlled Sil.
Oh yeah, the MSU frontpage as been given its bi-monthly update today and is advertising Quarters. I have to pay MSU fees to subsidize Quarters (it lost 200,000 dollars the last year an audit is available for) but I am not allowed to be there. Not that I want to be, the food sucks. The food at the Phoenix is a lot better, I go there all the time now.