Municipal Heritage Committee [Replay]

The designation of 18-22 King Street East and 24-28 King Street East, the buildings owned by the Blanchard group facing Gore Park, is today’s top agenda item for the Municipal Heritage Committee.

City Council voted in December to pursue designation of the buildings, over the objections of the owner, after the ownership group demolished one of their mid-rise commercial buildings and try to convert the land into a parking lot in violation of zoning bylaws.

The buildings, half of which predate confederation, were slated for demolition. Council offered incentives to the developer after demolitions permits for the buildings were issued in January 2013. On January 23, 2013, Council agreed to “agreed “not to designate 18-22, 24 and 28 King Street East, at this time” with an understanding the developer would request, in writing, the revoking of the permits.

The developer did not, and Council feared the buildings would be demolished during the Christmas Break. By issuing Notice of Intent to designate, Council stopped any demolition.

Also on the Agenda

The Committee will elect sub-committee chairs for the year, and discuss the 2013 Municipal Heritage Awards.