Must-Read: Walter Furlan's Free Advice to The Right House - Treat People With Dignity

Must-Read: Walter Furlan's Free Advice to The Right House - Treat People With Dignity

Walter Furlan, the owner of a shop on Barton Street East near Lottridge Street, offers advice to the owner of The Right House to address the problem of “undesirable” people loitering in front of The Right House.

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In a letter to Downtown City Councillor Jason Far, the owner of Downtown Hamilton Professional Alterations located at 767 Barton Street, says he is experiencing “better outcomes” in front of his business by treating people with dignity, respect, and by improving the appearance of his building.

Furlan’s full letter is a must-read perspective on the current debate about what to do in front of The Right House.

Hello Jason,

I am a business owner on Barton Street near Lottridge. I think there would be better outcomes if you play a little music, put some flowers outside during the day and go out to talk to the people and treat them with respect. I think it better to keep trying this instead of more rules and more laws. This is the strategy I use and have found it to have very good outcomes.

I have many people in this area that come around the front of my store that many would find “undesirable”. I talk to them, show them respect try to understand where they come from. This has had beneficial outcomes for myself, my business and our community.

They actually watch my place for me when I am not here. They smile more. You may not have 100% success, you may have your flowers knocked over, but persistence pays off and this perceived negative can turn into a positive.

Just my experience.

Walter Furlan