My Birthday Party plans

My group of friends from high school, all nerds like me, remains tight-knit. Despite going to different universities, now living in different areas, and different paths, we continue to gather on a regular basis in Hamilton. We’ve even picked up a few new members of the group along the way. There are two occasions each year that we all come together – Canada Day (which we didn’t do this year) and March Birthdays.

We have a lot of members with their birthdays in March, including myself.

So, planning begins right after Canada Day and here’s the current plan, according to Jeff who is planning 2013:

Going to lay down some preliminary information which can be changed.

Saturday, March 23, 2013, at 9:00pm.
Location: Bloilers bar un queensykn road somewher

Dinner beforehand at
337 Highway 8 (whatever is there in 2013 if the place opens back up as something that has food, otherwise we bbq in the parking lot)

Boilers, our refuge after the demise of the DayNite. (East Enders will get that reference.)