My latest FIPPA request: Hamilton park and open space boundaries

I filed a FIPPA request with the City of Hamilton for city parks and open spaces GIS data. I’ve also informally requested the data outside of the FIPPA process.

My FIPPA request is numbered: 12-026.

I filed a FIPPA request for this data to ensure I have the option of pursuing an appeal to the IPC if the City is unwilling to release the data.
It also places a timeline for the City to respond to my informal request.
I make the request for journalistic purposes and it is no way related to my involvement with Open Hamilton.
At present there are no rulings that I can find from the IPC on GIS data. However, writings by the IPC on GIS emphasis the need for the public to have access to these records similar to other information.  As I can clearly link my request to pursuit of informing the public and can reasonably argue there is no other reasonable method of obtaining this data, I feel I have a strong case for appeal if necessary. Further my use is not for commercial profit, further strengthening any appeal if the City refuses my request under section 11 (a).
The FIPPA request is merely a fall back position in the event that I need to use that route.
I do not see any reasonable grounds for refusing the request and I believe the City is headed in the direction of providing most GIS products when open data is passed.
I will publish the GIS files if I succeed in getting the files.