My One Big Regret from Friday's Panel Discussions

Friday, Hamilton hosted Jesse Brown’s CANADALAND podcast for a discussion of Hamilton’s media landscape with a focus on the challenges that result in Hamilton being the most under-served mid-size city in Hamilton.

It was a really fun event, and I’m told by the Public Library their security counted a peak crowd size of 257 attendees. Not bad for the first big event of – my startup news outlet.

I can’t thank everyone enough for attending, the panelists for participating, the Hamilton Public Library for hosting, Mohawk journalism students for the bottles of wine to thank the panel, Dr. Disc for the sound rental, and everyone else who helped. (Seriously, big thank you to the panelists. I deposited funds at the restaurant to pay for their dinner, every panelist picked up their own bill, travel costs, and parking)

I learned a lot during the course of the evening, and was very happy with the knowledge I gained from the panelists.

I plan to organize more events, I believe they add value to our civic conversations and are a public service.

The One Regret

I’ve spent the past few days thinking extensively about the panel and how the event went. I have only one regret, and I realized it moments after we ended and started wrapping up audio cables.

In response to a question from Mohawk journalism student Jessica Sovie about culture coverage in Hamilton (Follow her on Twitter, I had a great discussion with her after the event.) I spoke about my desire to see more culture coverage in Hamilton.

I wish I had made a shout out to Kristen Archer’s I Heart Hamilton work.

Kristen’s twitter account (@ihearthamilton) is my go-to source for Hamilton’s culture and night life.

Thanks again to everyone who came out Friday.