My Pressure on the MSU is paying off

The MSU has finally after a year posted SRA minutes on the MSU website. It only took a lot of pressure from students lead in part by myself since January to make it happen.
The students of McMaster University are winning in our struggle to make the MSU work for us.
Other good news!
The new SRA members are working very hard for students. The MSU does not have a budget starting tomorrow because the Board of Directors did not bother to write one.
The Executive branch of the MSU attempted to pass a budget without it being seen by anyone and then after the fact bring it to the SRA for ratification (after it had been in force for over a month). They claimed this use of emergency powers was necessary because the SRA was not scheduled to meet again till the middle of June. Some members of the SRA demanded an earlier meeting but that is only allowed if the Executive allows it to happen which they did not. So basically, the Executive was going to get more power due to their failure to do the job of making the budget. I read the bylaws that were being violated word-for-word during Question Period of the last SRA meeting much to the extreme annoyance of the old guard and executive on the SRA.
I demanded that the MSU budget be made public so that associate members (undergraduate students are not considered full members of the MSU due to it being run as a corporation that happens to be called a students union) could actually see how their money is being spent.
A new member of the SRA introduced the motion. After debate it was pass.
This is great news. Students are winning!
Look forward to the budget being available for the first time very soon.